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Primitive Raggedy Ann
25.99 Plus Shipping
Primitive Raggedy Ann is approx 20 inches tall. She is made from muslin, stained and has buttons for her eyes,stitched mouth and nose. She wears a green homespun dress with a matching bow in her hair. Her apron has little hearts on the bottom which I stamped on and her legs are painted with red stripes and black shoes.

Fluffy Bunny
22.99 Plus Shipping

Fluffy Bunny is approx 23 inches tall from his ears to his feet. When he is sitting he is 14 inches from his body to the top of his ears. He is made from muslin, stained and his eyes, nose are stitched on. A big ole bow is around his neck and he holds a carrot made from muslin and painted. The stem is sweet annie.

Primitive Standing Bunny

This bunny is nice and prim, perfect for the holidays or anytime of the year to sit on a shelf or display him in a basket. Made from muslin, distressed with my special stain. He has stitched eyes and nose and wears a blue striped pants which was heavily stained and a piece of jute for a belt with added dry flowers and pipberries. He is approx, 13 inches tall.
Inspired by a gift I had gotten!!   


Mr. Mouse

Mr. Valentine mouse is devanaire in his black tuxedo and top hat! He stands approx. 8inches from the top hat to his stand. He is made from stained muslin and his facial features are hand stitched on. He is holding a valentine just for you!
Adapted from a ORP pattern.

Primitive Raggedy
Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven is approx. 17 inches tall and OOAK. She is dressed in a vintage old dress which I recyled from a vintage pillowcase that was my Nana's!(There maybe a few imperfections on the dress which adds to the uniqueness) She has stitched eyes,nose,and mouth and she holds a penny in her hand and has pennies all over her wings! Have you ever found a penny on the ground? maybe this little angel is thinking about you and threw it down!
This is not a toy, made for decor only.
Chocolate Easter Egg

 I Love this Egg! Choclate brown egg with a bunny inside is so differant for a decoration. Makes you think of the Easter candy made of confectionarie sugar.
Made from muslin and then painted. Spanish moss  and lace was added  and a white rose.
Adapted from a Ginger and company pattern